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Ошибка PS0021 на Fanuc 0i-TF Plus


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Всем здравствуйте, появляется ошибка PS0021 - неверный выбор плоскости обработки. 

Код сгенерирован в Inventor CAM.

Вот фрагмент кода.



(T9 D=10. CR=0. - ZMIN=-19.499 - FLAT END MILL)
N1 G90 G94 G17 G49 G40 G80
N2 G21
N3 G28 G91 Z0.
N4 G90

N5 T9 M06
N6 S1910 M03
N7 G54
N8 M08
N9 G00 X-21.028 Y-21.476
N10 G43 Z15. H09
N11 G00 Z5.
N12 Z1.
N13 G01 Z0. F300.
N14 X-21.026 Y-21.469 Z-0.121
N15 X-21.021 Y-21.448 Z-0.239
N16 X-21.012 Y-21.413 Z-0.355
N17 X-21. Y-21.365 Z-0.465
N18 X-20.984 Y-21.304 Z-0.568
N19 X-20.966 Y-21.232 Z-0.663
N20 X-20.944 Y-21.15 Z-0.749
N21 X-20.921 Y-21.058 Z-0.823
N22 X-20.895 Y-20.957 Z-0.885
N23 X-20.868 Y-20.851 Z-0.935
N24 X-20.839 Y-20.739 Z-0.971
N25 X-20.81 Y-20.624 Z-0.993
N26 X-20.78 Y-20.507 Z-1.
N27 G03 X-19.997 Y-15.063 I-24.731 J6.335

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